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The Misfits was both Marilyn Monroe and co-star Clark Gable's last completed film. This film was filmed in Nevada in 1961. Arthur Miller wrote the script for the film and gave it to Marilyn as a Valentines gift. Marilyn was very hurt by it and felt like Arthur saw her in a sad, broken, lonely way. Which isn't how any wife wants to be viewed by her husband. During the film Marilyn was going through a difficult emotional time. During the film she had to back to California because she was in a suicidal and tragic state. She knew her marriage was falling apart, her character Roslyn was very similar to her, she knew the crew was getting annoyed with her, she was away from home, etc. This film was about Roslyn, a newly divorcee, who meets Gay and Guido who invite her and girlfriend Isabelle to the country to help Roslyn forget about her divorce and troubles. During the film Gay and Roslyn develop a close relationship and the two started healing each other. At the end of the film, Marilyn and Arthur's marriage had fallen apart and sadly, Clark Gable passed away. Marilyn felt so guilty because she idolized Clark and she feared she caused his heart attack by all the film caused on the film. Again, this was Marilyn's last completed film.

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